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Afek's Little Car

A long line of cars stretches along the length of the road. Inside the cars are people who were dancing at a big party just moments ago. Now there are sirens, and a war has broken out, and everyone just wants to get away.

Afek Livni and his friends are also there. They’re driving his mother's small white car. There’s a big traffic jam and the car isn’t moving forward.

Police arrive on the scene and urge them to leave: "Get away from here! Go to the other side! It's dangerous here!" People leave their cars and start to walk away. But Afek decides to get back in the car and drive a different way. He knows he needs to stay calm now, and that's what will help him escape.

On the way he meets Gilad and Neta. He calls out to them: “Hurry up and get in the car!” He calls his dad, Raz, from the road: “They’re shooting at us, Dad!" he says. His father listens and says firmly: "First of all, stay calm. And now, listen to me, and drive exactly where I tell you to go”. Raz listens from a distance, over the phone, and expertly guides Afek through the fields. He doesn't actually see the road, but he knows the road very well and knows where to go. Afek's small car begins to fill up with people. Even though it can only hold five passengers, Afek wants to save as many people as possible. There are already six people in the car, when they see two more girls fleeing the scene. Afek shouts toward them: “Come here! We'll make room for you!”

They continue to drive through the fields with Afek’s father on the phone. Raz keeps his cool. He’s a farmer and he’s very familiar with the nuances of fields. He gives Afek signs that only he knows: "Drive along paths like those of potatoes. Make sure that the fields haven’t been watered, so that the car won't get stuck in the mud. Drive in the direction of the sun." Afek continues and sees two more people on the road. The car was already stuffed with eight people, but there was still some room in the trunk. Afek tosses all his stuff out of the trunk of the car, and helps the people get in. Now they are a group of ten, in a small white car, driving to safety.

Thanks to Afek and his father Raz, all the passengers made it home, safe and sound.


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