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Dear Teachers: Commemorating "Iron swords" Heroes with Your Students


After the great success of our previous project for teachers, we have developed a unique program to commemorate the heroes of the "Iron swords" war. This program is designed to provide your students with an engaging and enriching learning experience, combining at-home activities with parents and classroom presentations.

Join us in the effort to recognize and honor the war heroes through inspiring content and creative activities.

Hero Commemoration Activity - Instruction Sheet

Target Audience: Grades 3-5, 6-8

Purpose: To familiarize students with the heroes of the "Iron swords" war and commemorate them through content activities and classroom presentations.

Activity Steps:

1. Parent and Child Activity at Home

  • Task: Choose a story and complete a "Portfolio" about the hero.

  • Instructions:

    • Visit the "War of Heroes" website with one of the parents.

    • Choose a hero to commemorate and create a portfolio in their image.

    • Task: Complete the "My Hero" portfolio document (Appendix 1).

2. Teacher and Student Activity at School

  • Task: Content board displaying the home assignments.

  • Instructions:

    • Submit the final portfolio to the teacher.

    • Create a commemoration board in the classroom/school.

Optional - Extended Activity: Adoptive Family

  • Task: Deepening activity and creating a connection with the hero's family (Appendix 2).

Download Instructions: Dear teachers, to download the instruction sheet and appendices, click the button below:

[Download PDF]

43-60 (49).png
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