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A story a day
heroic stories for
children and teens

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Guidelines for parents on reading the october 7th stories for kids

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About the project 


"On the morning of the festival of Simchat Torah, October 7th, I gathered my seven children in the shelter at my parents' home in Jerusalem. When the stories of horror began to be shared, I decided that I didn't want my children to hear about the war through wounded and painful voices but rather through acts of heroism and courage. From that moment on my mission was to tell our children about the war from the point of view of our wonderful heroes and heroines.
I was on maternity leave but realized that I needed to return to work sooner than I had expected - my goal would be to write a story of heroism each day. I have been joined by friends who are now also making it their project - our project. Women have joined this initiative by writing stories, editing text, and illustrating our heroes and heroines.

To the people of Israel with love, from the mothers of this land."

Hadassa Ben Ari

hadassa ben ari
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אַיָּה וְהִישָׁאם.ai.png

Meet the team of volunteers who bring this project to life

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