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Amit the Paramedic

Amit Mann knew she wanted to help the sick and injured after her father had passed away, when she was only 12 years old. The doctors who treated him with devotion made her realize that this was her calling, to provide help and healing to anyone who needed it. For years she waited to reach the age when she could begin paramedic training - the professionals who perform CPR in emergency situations for MDA (Magen David Adom). Amit passed the training with honors and has since served as a wonderful paramedic.

"It was impossible to sit with her in a movie or go out to a restaurant without a call from MDA interrupting everything," said Marie, Amit’s sister. "She simply gave up going out with friends and family, and every time the call came to save a life, she left everything and ran."

In the last two years, she was the on-call paramedic at Kibbutz Be’eri. On the Shabbat morning when the war broke out, Amit woke up in the kibbutz. When the sirens started, a close friend who was by her side asked her to join him and leave the kibbutz immediately, but Amit refused to go. She knew she would be needed in the kibbutz and decided to stay. When she heard that terrorists had entered the settlement, she immediately wrote to her family that she had run to the dental clinic in the kibbutz to be close to medical equipment so she would be ready if the wounded came for treatment.

Amit did not leave the clinic for seven hours. She treated the wounded continuously and helped with all her might, using the limited equipment that was in the clinic. While treating the wounded, she did not stop trying to contact the rescue forces and ask for assistance. The survivors of the clinic told Amit's family that her treatment did not end after she applied dressings and gave medication. They related how she encouraged and reassured them that they would be rescued soon, and she was there by their side until they were rescued.

The heroic soldiers from our strong army arrived at Kibbutz Be’eri and rescued many people. Unfortunately, Amit was not granted the miracle she gave the members of the kibbutz she saved, but each and every one of the survivors who owe their lives to her, will never forget her.


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