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Bar and his Victorious Tank

Would you like to hear an amazing story? One that is suitable for an action movie; about a brave hero who defeats all the evil people? Captain Bar Zonshein, 23 years old from Herzliya, is the commander of a tank company in the Kissufim area. On the morning when the war broke out, Bar was in a small outpost called "Mars", on the Gaza border.

"Around 6:30 in the morning, my commander tells me that there is a terrorist raid near Nirim, and orders me to go there," says Bar. He advances alone in the tank; he encounters a group of terrorists and kills them. He continues and identifies two more squads of terrorists on the way to the kibbutz, and kills them. "We receive a report of a large terrorist raid on the Kissufim outpost," he continues to describe his morning. "My tank is changing direction towards the outpost." He detects an ambush of two squads, shooting at him from both directions and he manages to eliminate them without the tank being damaged.

Suddenly Bar receives a call from one of his tanks in the field. The tank was hit by a missile and the soldiers inside were hit by shrapnel. The tank is near the border fence and terrorists are coming towards it. Bar goes out immediately towards them and says: "Follow me!" On their way to safety, they spot a tank on fire and prevent hundreds of other terrorists trying to enter Israel. A missile was fired at Bar's tank; his diesel tanks are damaged and begin to leak. He must continue the mission. He shoots and kills terrorists trying to board the tank he just rescued.

The tank's radios were damaged, you could barely hear anything. But when Bar hears a location, he immediately moves in that direction. He goes to Kibbutz Magen and prevents an infiltration of terrorists. From there he goes to Kibbutz Re’im. When his tank stops working he gets out of it with his crew and looks for a ride to take him to the Mars outpost, where there is an empty tank. A car from the rescue forces stops for him and there is one free seat in it. He tells his gunner to get in and he himself gets into the trunk.

After several more encounters, Bar manages to get to his tank, the only one in the entire area that is working. "We managed to prevent a massacre at the place where the tank was standing," he says. Bar, the brave commander, killed between 70 and 90 terrorists in those two days and showed rare courage and devotion to the people of Israel.


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