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Camille the Caregiver

Nitza is 95 years old and lives in Nirim, near the Gaza Strip. In recent years she has aged a lot and needed more help with tasks like cleaning the house and preparing breakfast. She decided to hire a woman who would live with her and help with all the things she found too difficult.

Camille, a caregiver from the Philippines, has been living with her for five years. At first they had a more distant relationship, because they didn't really know each other, but over the years their relationship became much warmer and closer.

On the Shabbat when the war broke out, Camille heard a siren and immediately realized that they had to go into the ‘safe room’. Camille loves Nitza as if she were her own mother, and since Camille didn't have time to prepare breakfast for her, she ran past the kitchen and took some cookies for Nitza. On the way, she noticed a deathly silence, a quietness that alarmed her. For the first time since she arrived in Israel, she did not hear the birds chirping when she was in the kitchen.

The noises that were heard inside the house aroused Camille's suspicion. She heard voices speaking Arabic. Maybe these were the voices of soldiers? No. These were terrorists.

When Camille realized this she was very frightened, but instantly she decided that she had to do something to save Nitza. She came out of the ‘safe room’ and faced the terrorist. Her heart was pounding, but she spoke to the terrorist in the calmest tone she could muster and said to him:

"Sir, this woman is old and she does not understand. I ask that you do not harm her."

Camille decided to give the terrorist her bag, in which there was one thousand shekel. She also gave him her cell phone, hoping it would please him. The terrorist took the bag from her and asked: "Is there any more money?"

Camille answered him in the negative. Would he be angry? What would happen to her and Nitza? She was very concerned.

Miraculously, the terrorist was satisfied with the bag and left the house. After a few hours, the army came to rescue them.

Camille is a true hero, she is much more than a foreign worker, she is truly a part of the family. Thanks to her love and devotion, 95-year-old Nitza was saved.


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