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Captain H - the Tracking Officer

"With cunning you will make war", King Solomon taught us already thousands of years ago, but we could not even imagine this kind of story happening today. There are many Bedouin officers and commanders serving in the IDF. They are Israeli citizens who speak fluent Arabic, and amongst them are many military heroes.

One of these heroes is Captain H, who is known for his courage and professionalism. He related: "I went out with my soldiers, and understood that raids were taking place on settlements, " he continued, "and at this point I thought for a moment that there was nothing more we could do here, on the Re’im army base. I could not even begin to imagine that they would reach us." Captain H left the base in the direction of the kibbutzim that needed help, but when he reached the road there was no doubt in his mind what was taking place. "Suddenly fragments of bullets were bouncing off the road and hitting me." He fought there fiercely and eliminated the terrorists. Then he received an order to return to his base, where the soldiers would soon be in danger.

"We realized that only one side would remain alive and we would have to do everything to be that side - it's either us or them," said H. He took off his uniform shirt, remained dressed in a white shirt and began calling out to the terrorists in Arabic: "Come, come to me!"

He said: “Not only am I fluent in Arabic, but I can also speak with the same accent as those from Gaza.” As the terrorists came closer, since they thought he was from their unit, he began to shoot continuously, killing most of them and preventing them from taking over the base.

Captain H did not only save lives in that encounter. Later he located 16 young people who ran away from the party, taking place near to Kibbutz Re’im, and provided them with shelter, food and water. When H was asked if he had not been afraid and worried that he wouldn’t return from the battles to his family, he said: "My job is to protect civilians and soldiers, so if that is what I have to do, that is what will happen.”


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