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Eran the Warrior Farmer

Eran is a potato farmer from Kibbutz Nir Oz in the Western Negev, and he was at home on the morning that the war broke out. Non-stop sirens and the sound of incessant gunfire startled Eran. He jumped out of bed, much earlier than usual for a Shabbat morning. Shortly after waking up, Eran began to hear unfamiliar voices near his home; they were speaking Arabic. He looked out the window and saw a mob of terrorists, each holding a different type of weapon. Eran immediately took his handgun and headed to the closet in his 'safe room' to plan his next steps.

He sat inside the closet, lying in wait for the terrorists to ambush them. When he began to hear hushed voices inside his home, Eran remained in his hiding place. He calculated his steps carefully. He wanted to be certain that the voices didn’t belong to IDF soldiers, whom he obviously didn't want to harm.

He continued to wait inside the closet to ambush the terrorists. Suddenly, he heard a rustling sound very close to him. In a flash, Eran found himself standing in front of a terrorist who had opened the door of the closet. Eran was not surprised; he attacked the terrorist as he had planned, shot and killed him together with another terrorist at his side. Many other terrorists heard the commotion and began to approach Eran's house, calling for more terrorists to join them in the battle against him.

Eran looked out his kitchen window and saw a group of six heavily armed terrorists coming towards his house. He ducked beneath the kitchen window to take cover and continued to shoot at them. Eran killed all six terrorists who came to his door, and immediately ran to his neighbors' homes to save other members of the kibbutz. A brilliant and quick-thinking hero - Eran’s composure enabled him to save many lives.


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