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Gal the Brave Doctor

Gal Grisaro from Kibbutz Zikim, which is located very close to Gaza, woke up on Simchat Torah, October 7th, to the sound of loud and incessant sirens. He knew they might need his help, since he is a doctor, a medic in MDA, and also an ambulance driver.

Gal understood that this time something was happening, something out of the ordinary.

The sirens did not stop. Gal, his wife and four children remained in the 'safe room' inside their house - a routine they were already used to doing.

After a while Gal heard their dog barking loudly. Gal decided to carefully go outside and on all fours crawled towards the fence. He found his beloved dog, having been frightened by the sirens, in a dangerous position on the neighbors fence. With sirens and explosions in the background, Gal managed to free the dog and crawled home.

Suddenly there was a power outage and with little reception they managed to keep in touch with neighbors and friends on the kibbutz.

One of the members of the kitat knonenut (the armed civilian squad, which is responsible for protecting the kibbutz), managed to call Gal and tell him that there were some heroic members of the squad who were injured by the bombings and needed Gal to come quickly to take care of them and save them.

Gal was debating what to do - should he leave his family alone and go out to care for the wounded? His heroic wife told him: "They need you there. You must go help them." Gal immediately left to treat the wounded in a special room that was prepared for that purpose. When he understood how seriously they were injured, he called MDA (Magen David Adom) to evacuate the wounded. They sadly informed him that they could not get close to the kibbutz and could not help. Gal called his older son, who is also a medic and lives on the kibbutz, and recruited him to help him.

For five hours, Gal and his son treated the wounded with dedication and great effort, while under fire. Finally they decided that they had no choice but to drive the injured to the hospital themselves.

Gal says that he was indeed responsible for helping the wounded, but for him the heroes were really the members of the armed civilian squad, who were very brave and guarded Kibbutz Zikim so that the terrorists would not enter it.


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