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"I've Got a Little Girl at Home"

"I'm tired; so completely drained that I may just fall down. I've been working all night, it's unbelievable!" Carmel Efron thought as she ran through the fields, hair flying and exhausted.

A few hours earlier, which now seemed like forever to her, she had still been working at the party. She'd welcomed the partygoers, made sure that everything was running smoothly, smiling with satisfaction as she saw everyone glittering and floating with pleasure to the music.

There was a sudden rising and falling noise, and loud booms began to overpower the music.

Sirens, she immediately realized, frightened, but she hurried everyone into the safe areas, reassuring them that everything would be alright.

While she sat in the safe room, looking around at all her friends, the thought flashed through her mind: 'What am I doing here? I have a little girl at home. She needs me; I can't stay here. I have to take care of her!'

Carmel decided to escape as quickly as possible and left the safe room. At that moment, she didn't realize how fateful her decision would be.

Starting the car, she began to travel north through the fields at great speed. Many cars were parked in her way, preventing her from continuing on. She left the car running with her bag inside, grabbed her phone, and began to run.

'I've got a little girl at home. I need to get home to her.' Her body surged with power at the thought of her daughter. She imagined her hug and her legs straightened again.

At one point, when she felt her strength waning, she stopped near a car. Miraculously, a good person arrived in a large car and picked her up, as well as other people running to escape. They continued on with him until they were forced to get out at hide in the bushes. Carmel and her friends covered themselves with leaves, hugging one another. "Let's smile and take a picture", Carmel suggested; despite the situation.

After a while, the rescue forces appeared. Once she was in the car, headed to safety, Carmel again felt the exhaustion. The only thing she wanted was to be in her living room at home, hugging her little girls as tight as can be.

"Ima!", Carmel's daughter jumped on her and the two hugged. Carmel took a long look at her, with glittering eyes. "Tonight, we'll sleep in the same bed", she stroked her hair as her daughter smiled at her good luck.


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