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Or, Commander of the Karakal Battalion

As a little girl Or was a scaredy-cat. She was afraid of dogs and didn’t like being around large dolls.

Once, Or went to an amusement park with her father and mother and there were enormous dolls. Or was terrified and hid under a bench until her worried parents found her.

Or’s parents wanted to help her overcome her fears, so they decided to get a pet dog. Little by little Or learned to love her dog, and slowly she became stronger and less afraid.

When Or joined the youth movement “HaTzofim”, she decided she would no longer be so scared. She wanted to be a leader. The same thing happened when she joined the army. Or was first. Always.

She was the first female soldier to join an officer’s course with male soldiers.

She was the first female commander of the Karakal Battalion.

She was the first one to fight and the first one to protect and take care of her soldiers.

The day the war started, Commander Or was at the base with her soldiers. When she received a message that a war had begun, and people desperately needed help, Or didn’t hesitate for a moment. She led her soldiers to the battlefield, where, as always, she was first. She was the first one to confront the terrorists. She was the first one to respond to requests for assistance, and she was the first one to reassure everyone she saw along the way.

Later, Or was asked what was going through her mind when she first went out to fight. She said: "I was thinking about my children. I have three kids of my own and I have many more children too - my soldiers."

Or's children are at home with their grandparents waiting for their mother to return from war. They are also very proud of their mom. Their mom who always makes sure to be first, will definitely be the first one to hug, kiss, and tickle them when she comes home.

Though Or used to be easily frightened as a little girl, she chose to be brave and become a hero who always goes first.

If Or did it, we can certainly try as well.


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