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Oz Saves Lives

"Who are you?" asked the frightened girl from among the bushes. She had hid for hours with a few other people and repeated, "Who are you? A soldier? A member of the Shin Bet?"

"I'm from a nearby moshav," replied Oz, wiping sweat from his forehead with his hand, "take my phone, tell your parents you're fine."

Minutes later, in the van driving to safety towards Moshav Maslul, the youngsters eased the tension with non-stop chatter, unable to believe their good fortune. Oz listened to their conversation and smiled: "Avraham, get out, the terrorists yelled at us, because that is what they think we are all called!" The girl laughed and continued, "I almost got out," and everyone began to laugh with her. Oz took a look at them in the mirror, and marveled at their vibrancy and liveliness.

"Goodbye to you all, I'm going to get more people," he said as he dropped them off at home.

As Oz drove alone, without the sound of their laughter that instilled confidence in him and a sense of togetherness, he continued on his way. He was very familiar with this road, one that had now become dangerous. Until recently, he and his father had a farm in these fields, but after his father had died, Oz was too sad to return. So he sold the farm.

In the distance he noticed armed figures on the road. He thought to himself, great, the army is starting to arrive. Slowing the car down as he approached them, he asked, "Are there any injured?" In Arabic they replied, "There are dead people,"and in an instant he understood that these were terrorists. Immediately they also understood that he was Jewish! He quickly put his foot on the gas, hearing bursts of shots behind him. He safely escaped, and continued to the fields that he knew so well, to save more people who were hiding.

He no longer had to search the bushes, since his phone number had been passed on to others who were hiding and people were desperately sending him locations to come save them. He made numerous dangerous trips, from the early hours of the morning until late into the night, saving people. On his mission to save more people, he encountered terrorists several times, they shot at him and he managed to dodge them.

Oz Davidian saved one hundred and twenty people, in one small van. Oz, is not a soldier and not a member of the Shin Bet, he is just an ordinary man. He is simply Oz.


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