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Rami Saves Us in the South

If you enjoy listening to the radio, then no doubt you must have heard the name “Rami Shani, our reporter in the south”. Rami is a veteran reporter, from the south of the country, for Galei Tzahal (the Israeli Army radio station). He is familiar with every town, river, and ravine in the area and on Simchat Torah morning, Rami went out biking to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is common for bikers to ride the trails between the settlements around the Gaza Strip - in the winter it is full of anemone flowers and in the summer the fields are yellow and carry on for miles.

When Rami heard that terrorists had entered the party next to Kibbutz Re’im and were shooting wildly, he quickly went home to get his car. He did not know anyone who was attending the party but, he raced to the scene of the shooting in order to help young people who had gone out to have a good time. As Rami drew closer to the field, where the festival was taking place, he heard bursts of gunshots all around.

Rami noticed a group of youngsters flagging him down for help. One of the young girls, named Lielle, recalled that Rami crammed many more people into his car than is usually allowed; they were sitting on top of each other, and some were even bundled in the trunk! The only thing that Rami was thinking about at that time was to get them away from the shooting and to a safe area.

Rami continued, going back and forth to assist the wounded and bring these young men and women, who were in a state of trauma and pain, to a safe place. Whilst Rami was saving tens of youngsters with his little car, he managed to continue reporting what was happening live on the radio.

Rami did not even know the names of the people whose lives he had saved. Lielle, one of the survivors, asked to meet Rami and hug him. She said that from now on he will always be a part of her family.

Whenever you hear on the radio, “now to our reporter in the south, Rami Shani”, think of the courageous man in his little car, driving across the fields of the Negev saving lives.


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