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Romi Saves Lia

Romi and Lia are two sisters who live in Sderot. Romi is six-years-old, and she loves her little sister Lia very much. That morning, when the terrorists burst into the city of Sderot, and the noise of the rockets filled the sky, Romi and Lia's parents put them in the car and hurried out of the city. They did not know that the terrorists were waiting right at the intersection, close to their house. The terrorists' bullets hit Romi and Lia's father and mother; they were injured. The car had stopped in the middle of the road, with Romi and Lia belted in the back seat and there was a big commotion around them.

The brave police arrived on the scene. There was a shootout and they were focused on the mission: defeating the terrorists. Suddenly they heard the shouting of a 6-year-old girl: "Help us! Help us!" Romi shouted with all her might, so that the policemen would know she was there and come to rescue her and Lia. "I'm here with a baby!" And indeed, one of them heard, he called another policeman and they ran to the car. They looked and saw the two little sisters. Romi, the person in charge and the heroine, asked the most moving question the police heard that day: "Are you Israeli?"

"Yes, sweetie," the policeman answered, "we belong to Israel." Romi asked: "Take us away from here." The rescuers took them to the ‘safe room’ in the nearest house, where they remained until the police managed to kill all the terrorists and stop the shootings inside the city.

When it was possible to leave Sderot, Romi and Lia went to their aunt's house. Everyone spoiled them and even the police came to visit Romi, the older sister and the hero who took care of her baby sister Lia during the battle. Thanks to Romi both sisters were saved.


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