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The Social Media Goddess of Hasbara

"Ella Travels", that's how she is known by the many followers that Ella Kenan has on social media. Many follow her blog and media accounts as she shares recommendations for trips and experiences around the world, as a professional in the field of tourism.

When the war broke out and the information about what was happening was not yet clear, the various information channels began to make serious accusations against the State of Israel. The terrible news about the dangers facing the citizens of Israel were not receiving the exposure required to fight the media war and tell the world about the horrors Hamas carried out on October 7th.

Ella realized that she had the power to change the image the world sees. She used her social media account to tell what was happening in Israel. Without an official position, without a salary and without asking anyone, Ella set out to tell the world the story of what was happening in the State of Israel and little by little she was joined by many others who inspiration from her Hasbara posts on social media.

Ella managed to crack to code through which her powerful messages could reach many more people around the world. Speaking in English, she told of the brutal attacks on babies and women, men and elderly people, soldiers and civilians. She told the world how Hamas were behaving exactly like the most horrific, cruel organizations known and that anyone who didn’t fight against them was destined to be hurt in the same way as the State of Israel.

Her words worked their magic. They reached the right ears, setting in motion powerful support for Israel from all over the world. Little by little everyone learned what happened here and that the war which Israel had launched against the Hamas terror organization was both justified and important.

Ella's words reached the front pages of some of the most important newspapers in the world, and many world leaders repeated the very words which Ella used to explain the reality. Israelis with excellent graphics skills joined her, in order to help with graphics and pictures. Others, with influence in the world of the internet, made sure that the leading messages would receive the maximum exposure. Slowly, Ella became out Hasbara goddess; the hero of Israel's messages to the entire world.


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