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The Soldiers’ Mama

Have you heard about Orly ? Orly is the guardian angel of the soldiers of the north.

“I came to take a shower at Orly’s, somewhere in a village in the north”, writes Dori Gal, a soldier. “I decided to listen to a rumor that was going around amongst the soldiers that one could shower at Orly’s. I followed the instructions I received, and got there, feeling a little shy. Her daughter shouted: Mom! Three more are here!”

Orly’s house is always full. Soldiers come in at all hours – day and night, the kitchen works around the clock, her rented cabins are fully booked – with soldiers stopping by for a quick rest.

“This Mama stood before me and gave me a hard look”, continues Dory. “Are you being insubordinate? she asked. I immediately went into defense mode and denied everything. She repeated herself and said I hadn’t showered in a week and a half, and pointed out exactly where my strengths lie - she almost knew my coordinates! Then she gave me a motherly hug.”

Orly walked me through cabins and guest rooms packed with soldiers, until we reached a cabin packed with army gear – uniform organized by size, army boots, and all you need to refresh a soldier. Orly looked at me and said: “I’m getting you hair conditioner and a brush. Take an electric shaver and shave yourself please.” I showered, and came out refreshed. Like a new person.

“Orly told me to go inside and eat. There was hot soup and rice, homemade pizza, salads, fried donuts, and eggplants. It was like a dream. I ate, I didn’t dare not to eat, and it was so tasty. I looked Orly in the eye and asked her why she is doing all of this. She told me she has sons who are combat soldiers in the army, and she made the following agreement with G-d – you take care of my children, and I’ll take care of yours.”

Orly, the guardian angel of the soldiers in the north has a guaranteed way to win: “What is needed to move the biggest desert in the world, the Sahara desert?” she asks, and then immediately replies – “For everyone to take one grain of sand.”


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