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The Tzitzit that Saved Guy

IDF soldier Guy Madar, was not at a military base on Shabbat morning when the war started; he was celebrating Simchat Torah in Kiryat Gat. When Guy heard that terrorists from Gaza were firing rockets at Israel, he did not even change out of his festive clothes into his army uniform, but immediately got into the car with a gun in his hand.

Guy managed to reach the war zone. All of a sudden he saw a seriously wounded Golani soldier nearby and carried him away from the battlefield to get medical attention. As Guy continued on his way, a terrorist shot in his direction but he was not injured and managed to kill the terrorist quite calmly. Finding another weapon lying about, Guy managed to kill five more terrorists. He then saw an empty police car, got in and whilst driving, terrorists started shooting at the vehicle. Guy was wounded in the arm and leg but despite this he returned fire. His sole purpose was to save more people.

Eventually Guy had to abandon the car and rolled into a ditch on the side of the road. His injuries started to hurt; from the ditch he continued to kill more and more terrorists, despite his injuries. Exhaustion started to take over and his wounds began to bleed more. Since he was a soldier, he understood that now he had to be his own doctor. He put a tourniquet on himself (a dressing that blocks the blood flow to the wound in order to stop bleeding) and waited for someone to come save him. He knew he would not remain alone.

After two and a half hours ambulances arrived. They saw Guy, but because he had a weapon in his hand and was not wearing an IDF uniform, they thought he was a terrorist. Guy tried to shout with the remaining strength he had that he was a soldier, a Jew, but his voice was too weak to be heard. Just before he was shot, one of the soldiers shouted “Don't shoot! He has tzitzit! He is Jewish!"

A few days later, at one of the military bases, a Druze fighter was wearing tzitzit. "Why do you wear tzitzit if you are not Jewish?" his fellow soldiers asked. He laughed and said, "Whatever protects you, will protect me too."


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