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Yosef and the Drone

Yosef Malachi Guedalia loved life and lived it to its fullest. He had interesting hobbies including playing competitive frisbee and photographing the beauty of his birthplace - the Land of Israel - with his flying drone that captured photos from the sky. Yosef was always smiling, and his smile widened even more when he met his beloved Senai at a summer camp in America. They got married and built their home together in Israel.

Yosef was 22 years old and served in the Duvdevan unit in the IDF. His skill of flying drones helped him in his military service during various battles against terrorists. He also trained other soldiers on how to use drones to search for people who needed help and bring them to safety.

On October 7th, the holiday of Simchat Torah, Yosef was at prayer with his family in Jerusalem. When he heard that the lives of residents in the south of Israel were being threatened and they needed help, he immediately set out, taking his drone with him so it could fly and look for people in danger. At great speed Yosef arrived at Kibbutz Kfar Aza and managed to save several people. As a soldier of the IDF whose job was to protect Israel, without hesitation and with great courage he returned several times and saved other people..

In one of Yosef's rescue efforts, he was seriously wounded by terrorists. One of the other soldiers immediately sent a drone to locate him, and indeed Yosef was found, and he was brought back, to be laid to rest in Israel. Yosef used the drone to watch over others, and in turn the drone watched over him.

Yosef used his talent, ability, dedication, and courage to save human lives. He not only believed in helping others all his life, but he lived this way until his last day. His brother, Asher said that his picture should be displayed in every classroom, so that we could all remember his bravery and learn how to live life from a true hero.


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