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Amichai Breathes Elsewhere

Did you know that a person can save a life even after his death? This is the story of the combat soldier Amichai Rubin from the city of Acre. Amichai was always the first to volunteer. It takes a lifetime to build this desire and ability, and Amichai really knew how to volunteer. He was an outstanding soldier from the Golani battalion and was supposed to join a commander's course soon.

When Amichai heard about the attack on Israel on the festival of Simchat Torah, he drove towards the fence separating Israel and Gaza and he and his friends fought many terrorists. He destroyed many terrorists with extraordinary courage.

During the attack Amichai was injured but he did not stop fighting. He continued to attack the terrorists alongside his friends, providing aid to the wounded and protecting the soldiers who remained behind in his base. The battle was difficult and he encountered many terrorists. After many hours fighting, Amichai was injured and was rushed to the hospital.

With the same determination with which Amichai fought the terrorists on the fence, he also fought for his life with the help of the doctors, but in the end Amichai died from his wounds. The doctors at the hospital where he was treated, together with his family, decided to donate his organs to other people who need them to recover from medical problems with which they are battling. Thus, even after his death, Amichai continued to save the lives of others.

Amichai's lungs and kidneys were donated. The doctors also transplanted his liver into the body of twenty-three-year-old Aviel Ozan, who was lying in the hospital, waiting with great anticipation for a healthy liver that would cure him of his illness. The eight-year-old boy Rafael Horowitz was also able to receive a donation from Amichai's liver, and so he was cured of a serious illness and his life was saved.

"This was Amichai," said his father Yishai, after meeting the boy Rafael who is recovering thanks to the donation of the late Amichai's organs. "He was good to everyone all his life. This is what made us decide to donate his organs. It was clear to us that Amichai would have wanted us to add life to the world and that's what we did."


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