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Ibrahim the Scout in Action

"Something here doesn't look right". Noya, the observer, stared non-stop at the screen before her, carefully following what was happening along the border fence, right outside the Zikim base. "People are throwing all sorts of things at the fence. We should get Ibrahim to go check that everything is alright."

Ibrahim Haruba is a combat soldier in the IDF tracker unit. This means he had special talents which the average soldier doesn't. When Ibrahim looks at the land in front of him, he immediately notices if there's something different, on the ground, or in the bushes. He can identify tracks at a glance, is able to tell whether it's an enemy or someone from our forces, and knows how to follow them and discover where they're hiding. Ibrahim can even tell, based on prints, whether for example the person is limping, or carrying a heavy load, and this is why there's no one better to send and examine the situation along the border.

Noya makes the call and Ibrahim heads out with an officer friend on a 'check the fence' mission, in order to make sure no mines or bombs have been planted along it. They were at the very beginning of the patrol when suddenly someone opened fire on them. The deputy commander of the battalion who was with him was injured by the constant gunfire and Ibrahim quickly responds, returning fire towards the terrorists. He found the courage to successfully evacuate the commander back towards the base.

The problem was that inside, fighting had already begun. Emergency orders were coming through the base loudspeaker, calling all soldiers on base to immediately head for the command center. Ibrahim hurried with his injured friend towards a protected room, but he didn’t stay there. Instead, he headed back out, into the fighting. "Lock the door from inside!" he shouted, and raised the unit commander on the radio. "Chief! We're at war! It's war!"

The terrorists heard Ibrahim's accent and realized he was a Bedouin and an Arabic speaker. "Hands up, surrender!" they shouted. He, however, was clear on his duty: "We'll never stop fighting!"

The battle was long and hard, but Ibrahim refused to give up and managed, on his own, to kill 17 terrorists who were shooting and throwing grenades at him, until he was killed.

Noya and some of the other observers who were in the command center were saved, thanks to Ibrahim's bravery. A Bedouin who was an Israeli soldier and who fell a hero.


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