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The ‘Namer’ Officer

Yedidya Lev was a ‘Namer’ (tiger) officer. No, not tigers like on a safari or in Africa. A ‘Namer’ in the IDF is a type of vehicle. It is similar to a tank or an APC (armored personnel carrier); well shielded and very sophisticated. When Yedidya first got the job, he was a little disappointed. He had never really dreamt of becoming a ‘Namer’ officer, but he very quickly decided to change his attitude and learned to love the position, becoming the most skilled ‘Namer’ commander possible. Yedidya knew each and every part of the vehicle, including its power and capability. Yedidya knew that in wartime the ‘Namer’ would protect the fighters, when he led his soldiers  into enemy territory.

Yedidya was loved by both his commanders and soldiers and they say that Yedidya's ‘Namer’ was impossible to miss. "Already, from a distance, we would recognize him because his vehicle was the most cared-for, decked-out, and always perfectly prepared", they said. Throughout the war, Yedidya and his soldiers received many letters and drawings from children all over the country, and Yedidya made sure to hang all the happy, supportive drawings inside the ‘Namer’.

On one of the days of the war, Yedidya and his soldiers were asked to carry out an important mission inside Gaza. They searched and searched until they found a tunnel, where many enemy weapons had been hidden, as well as secret documents that helped defeat the terrorists in battle. With the ‘Namer’, Yedidya  and the warriors by his side arrived at another battle scene. Yedidya managed to make sure the wounded soldiers were evacuated and that all his soldiers  were functioning well, before he was hit and killed next to the ‘Namer’ he loved so much.

After his death, his parents had two requests for all those who wanted to remember the heroic Yedidya. Firstly, to learn from the brave soldier who made sure to call his grandparents every Friday and secondly, to ensure the children of Israel continue to send pictures to our soldiers, to strengthen and cheer them up just as they had made Yedidya happy and supported him while he was fighting in Gaza. Yedidya taught us a lesson in positive thinking, always seeing the positive side of things, focussing on friendships, respecting one's parents and dedication.


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